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Work with the best Android app and iOS app developers in the UAE whether you are in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. We have delivered over 1000s of mobile applications to customers. Create an app today!

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Mobiwhiz’s team of specialized iOS app and Android app developers in Dubai, UAE follow standardized processes, documentation, and technologies to deliver the best mobile app development experiences to your customers. Our emphasis is on designing and developing mobile apps that enrich your mobile user experience.

Our app developers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are experienced and certified in delivering best quality mobile app solutions whether you are looking for iOS apps for iPhone or Android application development for smartphones, tablets and wearables.

App Development Services in Dubai, UAE

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Android App Development in UAE

With Mobiwhiz as your Android app development company in Dubai, UAE you can be sure of your Android app getting noticed and downloads. From Android wearable apps to Android phone apps, we develop apps based on latest Android OS versions from Kitkat to Oreo.

Using the latest technologies we deliver the best quality Android app development services in UAE. Our mobile app developers in Dubai, UAE are known for their skills and knowledge in delivering:

  • User friendly mobile apps
  • Feature rich apps
  • Social interaction
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Attractive app design
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iOS App Development in Dubai

No more dodgy freelance app developers in Dubai for your company when you work with Mobiwhiz. Our team of top notch and highly experienced iOS app developers in Dubai guarantees you quality products as well as after delivery support services.

When you engage us for iOS app development in Dubai, you gain peace of mind as well as premium quality iOS apps developed with precision and scalability. Our apps are known for their:

  • Superior UX design
  • Upgradable versions
  • Interactive UI
  • Feature rich usability
  • ABI stability
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Multilingual Application Development

With over 7 years of experience working with Arab speaking customers, we take pride in being the top mobile app development company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. We ensure that your multilingual, in particular Arab language apps, are in line with your business objectives. We make sure your multilingual apps serve your customers the world over with the same experience that they expect from you online or offline. Our successful multilingual apps feature:

  • Culture appropriateness
  • Customer focus
  • Ease of operation
  • Smart UI based on locality
  • Smooth UX

Multifaceted App Development Company in UAE

We have experience in delivering mobile app development services in a range of industries whether your business belong to beauty or restaurant, logistics or real estate. Check our portfolio of mobile app development.

  • Automobile
  • Ecommerce
  • Game
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Education

Why Choose Us as Your Application Developers in UAE?

We understand your local business in UAE like no other. With a dedicated and experienced team of app developers in UAE, you are guaranteed premium quality iOS apps, Android applications and mobile game development services every single time. Here are some more reasons to choose us as your app developers in UAE:

1. We use the latest technologies to develop mobile apps for you.
2. We fix bugs and issues until your mobile app is ready for customers to use.
3. We provide after delivery services so you can always get upgrades without fear.
4. We ensure your mobile app gets to the market through proper channel marketing.
5. We offer custom app development services so you always get what you want.

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